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Still Alive~ :iconnaomiokami:NaomiOkami 38 4 Jade the Witch of Space~ :iconnaomiokami:NaomiOkami 51 4 Wanna play? :iconjulchenbeilshmidt:JulchenBeilshmidt 102 6 Vriska Serket :icondollychippewa:DollyChippewa 25 3 Clown Hunting :iconwhitemagickmage:WhiteMagickMage 72 6
Reach Out to Me: Eridan x Reader
Eridan Ampora:
That's when a car screeched to a halt behind you. The loud squeal of tires halting on asphalt scares the hell out of you. You lose your footing, and just as your tipping towards the wrong side of the bridge, somebody grabs your wrist and yanks you the other way.
You fall right into the person who grabbed you and knock them to the ground. They grunt in pain as they hit the pavement, and you lose a chest of air when you land on top of them.
"What the hell asshole! You scared me!" You shout as you push yourself up to your knees.
The person under you is none other than your fellow classmate, Eridan Ampora. His purple streaked hair is messed up from its usual smoothed back style. His hipster frames lay crooked on his face, and his violet eyes narrow in rage.
He pushes you off of him, and you think you catch a glimpse of red on his face. He sits up, adjusts his blue striped scarf and glasses, and glares.
"I scared you, (y/n)? I wwas drivvin' home and your standing up there abo
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HS: Feferi Peixes :iconshiroi30:Shiroi30 1 0 Do the windy thing John! :iconejaythellama:Ejaythellama 7 0
Guidestuck: Destiny
In one universe, to our own parallel
There are four friends you may find you know oddly well.
The first is a boy, stark white hair on his head
His name is Bec Harley, and his grandpa is dead
This has left Bec with no one on whom to depend
Except his pup Jade, who's a good dog, best friend
He lives on an island away from the land
The sole thing he eats is old food that comes canned
He does have some friends, but gets very annoyed
By one of his "chums" who he'd like to avoid
He lives the life every kid dreams that they had
Never having to listen to mom or to dad
But Bec still suffers, for with Jade and him only
There's no one around, and deep down Bec's quite lonely.
This one is named Jaspers; oh goodness, that suit
He tries to be classy, but just comes off as cute
The little white cat on his bed is named Rose
She's quite well behaved for a cat, and it shows
This boy seems polite, but he's also quite rude
Out of all four kids he has the worst attitude
His so-called maturity is honestly j
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2xHomestuckCombo is a general Homestuck fan page where you can contribute and view fan art, fan characters, and fanfics!
Founded 5 Years ago
Sep 24, 2011


1,505 Members
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When I started this group I had WAY TOO MUCH FREE TIME. Now I'm trying to juggle a job, a social life, a family life, AND work on art and writing. I simply don't have time to manage this group anymore. I need contributors willing to scour the deepest darkest recesses of deviantart to bring our group magnificent art, cosplays, and fanfics, and SUBMIT THEM TO THE RIGHT FOLDERS! I also need friendly, creative co-founders willing to manage the group and come up with fun contests and things for the many members of the group.

To apply drop me (ME, junglebee09, NOT the group!) a message telling me why you think you'd be good for the group. Though it's not mandatory it would be a HUGE PLUS to have people who've been founders and co-founders for other groups.

If this doesn't work out though I'm afraid I'm going to have to close the group.
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Un-knownHowler Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, I'm looking for para-multipara length RP and I RP as Gamzee, Kurloz, and Jack Noir.  I also have fantrolls on my account, but I'm mostly looking for a GamzeexCaliborn RP.  Anyone out here RP Cal?
Stitched-Amity Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for showing off a couple of my fan doodles in your group~
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I'm so sorry, I accidentally put 
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Could you guys make an ancestors folder? I wasnt sure where I should put the handmaid so I put her in trolls
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oh my please decline the first on, I accidentally had the wrong folder 
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Is this group inactive?
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I contributed art :)
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no problem! just make sure to submit into the right one
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